Libanizacija Yugoslavia: The Stolen CIA Secret Plan To Destroy Yugoslavia

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For twenty years Miso Vilotic was the head of the Intelligence of Serbia. He was born in 1950 in the Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his father’s name was Aleksa. Miso Vilotic had many successful Intelligence operations and he became a legend in Serbia. His biggest success was in 1982 when he stole the CIA Secret Plan called “Libanizacija Yugoslavia” translated as “Causing civil war in Yugoslavia,” which was similar to what happened in 1970 in Lebanon. This was a detailed and written plan on how to break up what was then Yugoslavia. The Plan was made some time during the Carter administration. Nine years after Miso Vilotic stole that CIA secret plan Civil War broke out in 1991, and it could not be prevented.

The Plan was to dismantle Yugoslavia by causing a civil war between the Christian Serbs and the Muslims in the key Republics which then would be a pretex for the secession of the Republics, and then put their people into key positions in the Yugoslav Republics and do everything to dismantle the Serbs and to prevent them from defending their ethnic terroritory.

Up until 1991 Yugoslavia was a federation of six Republics and under Yugoslavia’s Constitution of 1974 it only allowed secession by the Republics “if a referendum is held in the whole of Yugoslavia!”  In other words the majority of citizens in the whole Yugoslavian federation must vote for secession of any one of the Republics. A referendum by the whole of Yugoslavia was never held by any of the Republics that either subsequently seceded, or was grabbed by Tito as was Croatia and Macedonia, or subsequently by the EU and NATO as was Montenegro and ultimately Kosovo.

This CIA Secret Plan, in collaboration with the Western globalists, to dismantle Yugoslavia was made fifteen to twenty years before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1991 and 1992!

Milo Djukanovic, the Montenegro President, who had close ties with the Italian Mafia, declares a referendum for secession in 2005 or 2006 after requesting the permission from the EU and NATO, in particular Javier Solana. This happened after the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was shot and killed and Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic died in prison in the Hague, Netherlands, under mysterious circumstances. The referendum was held and out of 55% turnout the vote for secession was a “suspicious” 52% of Montenegrin citizens. The EU promptly recognized the independence of Montenegro from Serbia!

The Serbs in Bosnia had agreed to the illegal secession of Bosnia only because they realized that Alija Izetbegovic was allied with the Mujahedeen in Tehran. The Serbs said “If you Muslims are leaving the federation we Serbs will not remain in Bosnia and we will have our own territory which became the Republic of Srbska. Bosnia had been ethnically and historically Srbska Western territory and was forcibly adducted in 1945 from Serbia by Tito’s Communists and by force and fear!

Persuant to the NATO-Clinton bombing of Serbia in 1999 Kosovo came under the control of the EU and NATO. And in 2008 Kosovo, a Province of Serbia, illegally declared Independence and was seized from Serbia and turned over to the KLA (UCK)Albanian terrorists! Kosovo’s “Independence” was promptly recognized by the EU and several countries, and the U.S.

The destruction of Yugoslavia was now complete in accordance with a CIA Secret Plan that was devised under the Carter administration fifteen to twenty years before Civil War erupted in Yugoslavia in 1991 and 1992, and stolen by Serbian Intelligence legend Miso Vilotic.

Miso Vilotic died of a brain tumor, or so they said, in August 2009, in Belgrade. A year before he was a healthy and vibrant man when he told this story. Miso Vilotic, the best of Serbian Intelligence! Genius. Legend. Patriot. Serbian.


Islam’s Collaborators In The Balkans: The Devil’s Pitchfork

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“Those who conceal crimes are preparing to commit new ones.”
~Vuk Draskovic~

Why does the devil’s pitchfork have three prongs.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that the devil’s pitchfork had it’s workings going on in the Balkans in an uncanny alliance between Islam, the Vatican and the Nazis, and it was carried out in Croatia, the puppet state created by the Nazis in WWII.

Not long ago, a few months in fact, I asked myself this question:  Why did Bill Clinton, the U.S. President during the nasty Bosnian War on the Serbian Orthodox Christians, collaborate with NATO to bomb the Serbian Orthodox Christians and why did he allow the Serbian Orthodox Christian Churches to be destroyed and allow the arming of the Mujahideen and the al Qaeda and the Bosniaks in Bosnia?  It was a simple question that led me to despicable and dark places and to the intentional genocide of the Serbian people.  A horrendous atrocity that was carried out, and aided and abetted by the Catholic Church and Aloysius Stepinac, the Croatian Bishop of the Catholic Church between 1941 and 1945.  WWII.  The devil’s pitchfork that buried hundreds of thousands of Serbians,  Jews, Roma and Gypsies in the Balkans.  An evil so demonic as to make any civilized person recoil in shame to be part of the human race.

And I’m all but certain that the evidence is buried in at least two places.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Austria and the Genocide Museum in Israel.  Simon Wiesenthal was the great Nazi hunter.  He hunted those responsible for the holocaust that he was a survivor of.  A man of great repute.  A man who sought justice in this world of injustice and shamelessness. Just like there is no shame over the fact that the 911 victims are buried seven stories below ground in a tomb behind a wall with no names.  Whereas the Mohammedist perpetrators of the crime of 911 have a Terrorist Wall of Fame there with names and a bio even.  However, I digress and that’s a story for another time.  To be written by another hero, like Simon.

The genocide that happened in Croatia and the surrounding areas in the Balkans is an evil so horrific and demonic as to be incomprehensible to have happened in my father’s generation.  In the 20th century.  God forgive us all.  How could this, I asked myself, be swept under the rug and forgotten by those of us in the West who supposedly revere man’s freedom and revere justice for all mankind no matter what your race or creed?  How could the global institutions, as corrupt as we know they are, get away with their arrogance in aiding and abetting this disgusting crime which exposes the utter depths of human degradation and apathy and all that I have held in contempt all of my life?  I continue to ask myself.

There was a concentration camp in Croatia, the puppet state set up by the Nazis in WWII.  It was the biggest concentration camp in Europe.  It was one of many concentration camps and extermination sites in Croatia and beyond that wasn’t run by the Nazis.  Yes, you heard me.  It wasn’t run by the Nazis.  It’s name was the Jasenovac Concentration Camp.  Shocking information in itself.  It carried out the  mass-murder of 900,000 Serbians, Jews, and Roma.  It was presided over by the Croatian Ustashi (Croats and Muslims) who were monks conscripted from the Order of the Fransciscans under Ante Pavelic the Fuhrer of the Independent State of Croatia, and aided and abetted by the Bishop of the Catholic Church in Croatia who was later made a Saint!  His name was Aloysius Stepinac, and he was the Bishop of the Catholic Church from 1941 to 1945 and he knew and abetted the horrific crimes in Jasenovac.  The same Bishop who in 1941 said one third of the Serbs would be killed, one third converted, and one third expelled, after which the Ustashi (Croat and Muslim supporters of the Independent State of Croatia created as a puppet State by the Nazis during WWII) moved in.  In April 30, 1941 Ante Pavelik, the Fuhrer of the Independent State of Croatia passed a decree that took the Nurnberg laws as a model declaring Croats to be Aryans and the first massacres of the Serbs began at the same time.

They herded the Serbian people up like cattle, put them in trains or made them walk for miles to the Jasenovac Concentration Camp, which was one of many sites for the slaughter.  Of course they had no weapons to defend themselves.  Men, women and children fell victim to something so horrific and beyond our imagination that it is not to be defended by any civilized man in this world.  All this happened in WWII between 1941 and 1945.  Franjo Tudjman was Marshall Tito’s general when the murder in Jasenovac took place. 

To this day the Catholic Church has not condemned the crimes committed in the Jasenovac Concentration Camp and it was bulldozed over by Tito the Communist after WWII ended and the Serbians were forbidden to talk about it.  As if.  As if it never happened.  And there are no monuments in Croatia to all the hundreds and thousands of people who died there in Jasenovac, and all the other sites of extermination like Jadovno, Gradiska, Glina, Kozara, Romanija, West Bosnia and Srem.  Croatia was 45% Serbian when this all started.  Whole towns of people like West Herzegovina and Kozara (a mountain in West Bosnia) were wiped out with impunity.  

Kurt Waldheim, the U.N. General Secretary and Tito’s personal friend, as a Wehrmacht Lieutenant in the German Nazi Army, was involved in the killing of the Serbs on Mount Kozara in Western Bosnia and the taking of the Jews from Banja Luka and the Serbs to the Jasenovac Concentration Camp.  The Serbs remember Wehrmacht Lieutenant Kurt Walheim well.  They know.  It is committed to their collective memory.  It is taught and the stories are told to their children.  They live with it to this day.

And then the bombs started falling  to remind them.  Only this time is was us, America, under cocaine-addicted philanderer lost-the-nuclear-codes accidently-bombed-the-Chinese-Embassy-in-Belgrade Bill Clinton, who was bombing them.  We the people didn’t know the history of this extermination.  We hadn’t been told.  We hadn’t bothered to find out.

Again, not paying close attention, after WWII where the killings in the Jasenovac Concentration Camp were being executed, in 1945 the Allies imposed on the Serbs the Republic of Croatia and gave the territory over to Tito’s Communist Partisans and the Ustashi. and in 1980 the Vatican declared Aloysius Stepinac, the Croatian Bishop of the Catholic Church from 1941 to 1945 a Saint.  And the world went back to sleep.

And the Serbian people never forgot.  And the deep wound lives on in them, as it should.  Yet to be condemned by the world who slumbers still.  Who doesn’t want to remember their culpability in it.

The alliance between Islam, the Vatican and the Nazis was rewarded by the Allies at the end of WWII.  A contemptible partnership.  The Devil’s pitchfork that exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serbians with no accountability, and definitely no condemnation.  And to this day they are carrying on the devil’s work in the Hague, in the complicit E.U., the complicit U.N., and by NATO.  A globalist history devoid of conscience, devoid of accountabiity, is swept under the filthy extermination rug, and the genocide against the Serbian people continues. 

And this genocide against the Serbians had a precedent.  Twenty years before, the genocide by the Turks against the Armenians had occurred and had never been condemned or punished as well.  And so it is with genocide.  The globalist world bodies of Nation destroyers and manipulators do not care about the people that they are complicit in systematically exterminating along their cleansing road to achieving their globalist tyranny over us.  We are just pawns in their overall scheme of things.

The Serbian people were chosen to be extinguished by the gods of globalist tyranny by the Devil’s pitchfork.  The alliance between Islam, the Nazis and the Vatican.   In a puppet State called Croatia and beyond.  Not too long ago in my father’s generation.  In the 20th Century when genocide reigned and was rewarded over and over again.

Truth Begins With Enlightenment and Enlightenment Leads to Understanding

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The Serbian people are being systematically exterminated today by the Vatican Inner Circle and their partners-in-deceit the Mohammedists.  To understand the truth we have to confront it keeping in mind that the majority of Christians are good people and they have been deceived by the Inner Circle as can also be said about the majority of Muslims, converted in the past from Christianity because Christianity came first, who have similarly been deceived by Islam’s Inner Circle as well.

This is not about demonizing anyone.  Christians or Catholics in particular or anyone else for that matter because I am a Christian myself.  I believe the majority of people are born good and they are corrupted along the way by those whose ultimate desire is to controll the masses so that they can achieve their own tyrannical agenda.  We are just their pawns in their orchestrated overall scheme of things.  And until we understand that we can never challenge the global controllers of the world, whose ultimate goal is tyranny over us, and often through deceit.

Before I tell you one Serbian’s story I must first tell you that the Serbian people emerged  from the Byzantine Empire.  Some say it could be that they came from China, however that is another story for another time.  They are a proud learned people, great warriors, and they have steadfastly hung on to their roots, having died to do that time and time again.

It is the globalists, the Socialists, Marxists and otherwise, partnered with their Mohammedist collaborators, who have, and are still, working to cut the Serbians off from their roots, with the end goal of genocide against them.  And make no mistake about it.  It is systematic genocide by the U.N., the E.U., NATO and the Hague.  All of which represent the globalist elitist manipulators and Nation destroyers who yearn for world tyranny by them.

A genocide that was evidenced and wiped away by Tito after WWII in the Jasenovac Concentration Camps in Croatia (a puppet state created by the Nazis during WWII and the only concentration camp in Europe that was not run by the Nazis) where they systematically picked up and murdered 750,000 Serbs, 75,000 Jews and 50,000 Roma and then, to add salt to the deep wound, they were forbidden to talk about it. 

To this day there remains no evidence of these horrific crimes in Croatia to remind us of this barbaric genocide.  It has all been erased from this earth.  A genocide that happened not too long ago in my fathers generation.  In the 20th Century.

It is why I have to tell this story.

My next blog will tell you about the origins of the Serbian people that was rooted in the Byzantine Empire of old.

The truth begins when it is told, so that further truth may come out so that a dialogue may emerge that will be part of our own enlightenment.  An enlightenment that will take us to the next sphere of knowledge, and beyond.  Because if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.  And we have.

Prelude To My Account Of One Serbian’s Story

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I am about to embark on telling the story of one man.  One Serbian.  He lives in Serbia and is from Foca, Republica Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  But before I begin I want to give you some background into the history of the region which will begin our journey together.

In the 1990′s the former Yugoslavia was divided up into six separate countries by the Axis, four of which are Kosovo (which shares a border with Serbia), Croatia and Bosnia, and, of course, Serbia. Before that it was Croat Communist Marshall Tito’s strategy to orchestrate a weaker Serbia and a greater Yugoslavia. To execute his plan Tito partnered with the Nazis to carry out the mission of exterminating the Serbians under the pretex he was building a New Yugoslavia based on the principle of “brotherhood and unity.”  And in the Croatian Jasenovac Concentration Camps he proceeded with his plan and stood by while 750,000 Serbs (men, women and children), 75,000 Jews, and 50,000 Romas were murdered.

After WWII the Jasenovac Concentration Camps were bulldozed over and the Serbians were forbidden to talk about it.  The fact that it was Croats and Muslims who were mass-murdering Serbs all across Croatia and Bosnia was brushed aside, and the West knowingly participated in hiding the genocide because they saw the Vatican as a weapon to be used against the growing communist threat.  Tito even ordered that the mountain crevices where entire Serb villages were slaughtered and thrown into be closed with concrete.

An adapted compilation, courtesy of Jasenovac Research Institute 


Before this genocide against the Serbian Orthodox Christians occurred the Serbians were the majority by far in Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia. With the advent of the continued persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Christians in Bill Clinton’s and NATO’s nasty war against them, where he allied with the Islamist enemy, the al Qaeda and the Mujahideen and the Bosniak Muslims, and allowed them to be armed with weapons, the Serbians have been consequently further persecuted and Clinton and NATO were complicit in standing by while the majority of the Serbian Orthodox Christian churches were dynamited and completely destroyed.

After the illegal Bosnian War the Serbians were unable to rebuild the Churches because the Albanian Muslims, financed by their Albanian Osmani criminal clan who are dealers in heroine throughout Europe, have seized the Kosovo government, and the Serbians who have lived on that land for thousands of years and who were the majority there have been pushed up into the northern area which is closest to Serbia. You may have heard just recently that the illegal Albanian Muslim government in Pristina, Kosovo (which the Serbs do not recognize) closed down the Kosovo northern border between Kosovo and Serbia and would not let the Serbians cross into Kosovo which resulted in shortages of food for the Kosovo Serbs.

It is crucial that people understand that Croatia’s Intelligence Service, another one of the countries that was the former Yugoslavia, has been taken over by the Mujahideen (a terrorist group). And Croatia’s Interior Minister, Tomislav Karamarko, has married an Albanian Muslim of the Osmani criminal clan who deal in heroine throughout Europe, with it’s heroine hub in Germany, and he has left Christianity and become a Muslim. Kosovo, and Bosnia especially, have now become Mujahideen bases and they are causing chaos throughout the Balkan region and all of Europe.

To make things worse open-borders broke-the-bank-of-England orchestrating-the-decline-of-the-American-Middle-class George Soros has been meddling in this region for a long time. He is now trying to acquire the natural resources of Kosovo and nothing would make him happier than to see Kosovo become another Islamic enclave, where he’s more than willing to partner with the Islamic drug-dealing enemy. George Soros is also trying to buy a TV Station in Serbia to sway public opinion there, and he has his Open-borders front charitable organizations all over Eastern Europe, as well as in America where he has his Center for American Progress (progessing us toward global manipulator and destroyer of nation’s tyranny that is) and the Tides Foundation where he filters his money through to a myriad of Leftist entities in America.

If you are wondering why the Balkans is of great importance to America, contemplate this shocking information. Thirteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers served as Mujahideen in Bosnia and Kosovo, which have also been linked to the attacks in London and Madrid.

And, so, with this information, my next post will begin with one Serbian’s story.  A man who’s not afraid to die for Serbia and his people, and would find it an honor to do so.

The Truth About Serbia: A Revolutionary Act

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I am embarking on a journey into Serbia’s past and I hope you will take this journey along with me.  A journey that is going to take you and I down a road that has seldom been travelled before.  At least not in this way, and not here in America.

It began for me on the day I found out about our illegal Bosnian war where we, a Christian country and founded by Christians, bombed Serbian Christian villages, and I wanted to know why.  I had known about the Bosnian War, though I had paid little attention to it, being involved in life and living as we all are.

I have learned to regret my inattention to such things and I have vowed to make up for it now, because the ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people is still going on in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia to this day and with impunity.

I also wanted to know why we sided with the Islamists and Croatians, and against the Christian Serbs, whose seat of Orthodox Christianity, Kosovo, was bombed.  As of 1999-2000, 80 Serbian Churches had been dynamited in Kosovo by the KLA, many dating from the earliest period of Eastern European Christianity, and under the watchful eyes of KFOR.

The Serbian people have been systematically driven out of Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.  Places where they have lived for thousands of years.  And, yet Nato found the pretex to bomb Serbia and the nearly one million refugees who were sheltered there.

In the holocaust of the Serbs, Jews and Roma, 750,000 Serbs, 75,000 Jews, and 50,000 Roma were murdered in the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia and at the end of that war Tito forbade them to talk about it and Jasenovac was bulldozed.

Take this journey with me, will you?  Because I want to know why.  And I want the truth about Serbia and the Serbian people to be told.

This is a revolutionary act.  It is about telling the truth.